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Ever Fallen Into The Christmas Party Lust Trap?

December 6, 2015adminBlog Articles0

Ever Fallen Into The Christmas Party Lust Trap?

  • Had your eye on someone at work all year & made the pounce at the office party?
  • Should work & sex be always separated?
  • Did the quick snog at Christmas turn into a dream come true?

Here are some reactions I have received & my thoughts to them

Graham – My husband never allows me to go the works Christmas party without him. He just does not trust me.

GT: Ok a few things here – Does he not trust you because of something that happened in the past? Does he suspect you have your eye on someone? – Bottom line is if there is no trust in your relationship then there is no relationship. The foundation of a strong relationship are honesty & trust. Something you may like to think about.

I have been working at my company since July & there is this lad who keeps giving me the eye – I know he’s single & so in fact am I – Do I go for the kill in a couple of weeks time at the firms party?

GT: I’d say what’s stopping you then? Maybe instead of throwing yourself at him you may like to just take things on a few steps & give him enough to know that he makes your heart flutter – then arrange to meet up early in the New Year – Good luck.

Graham – Snogged my boss when I was drunk at the Christmas party once- Big mistake I’m married & felt guilty so had to get a new job in February.

GT: Oh dear I’m guessing your husband doesn’t have any idea why you quit too?
A good lesson learned here I feel.

So, In Summary…

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Graham x

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