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Can you give your love to another following a loss of a partner?

November 29, 2015adminBlog Articles0

Can you give your love to another following a loss of a partner?

  • Should your love to be for one only?
  • Do other members of your family frown on your new love?
  • Are you scared to move on?

Here are some reactions I have received & my thoughts to them

Graham I lost my lifetime partner last year – He told me when he was dying to find another partner to take care of me – but I can’t it feels wrong?

GT: Loss & grief affects us all differently – Your partner was only giving you the green light to live your life the way you wanted to following their death – it’s now up to you to choose how you act or interpret that – I’d say give yourself time but don’t block out anyone who may come along .

I’m a 31 year old mother of 1. My husband was killed in a motor accident 2 years ago. I have met up with a new man & plan to marry in the New Year. I’m completely happy but others are not so.

GT: I can maybe understand why others are shocked at your new life – But you did not ask for your man to be taken away from you – You are a young mother that has a whole life ahead of you. Enjoy it & I’m sure your lost partner will be still very much in your heart.

Graham – My wife of 60 years, Maureen, passed away earlier this year I loved her dearly. I have now formed a platonic relationship with a close friend of ours – Nothing more than companionship. I do miss Maureen though.

GT: I’m sure you do & will always do so. But I do admire you for hooking up with this lady for companionship in your later years – How sweet.

So, In Summary…

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There comes a time in all relationships when one will pass away & we never know quite when that will be. Please talk openly about how you’d both feel when that day comes about moving on. A life is for living & no matter what anyone one else says to you it’s your life to live.

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