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Should past relationships remain there?

September 6, 2015adminBlog Articles0

Should past relationships remain there?
Are you thinking about going back to seeing or dating an Ex…?

  • Does your current partner always question you about ex’s?
  • Are you ashamed of what your past can reveal?
  • Is the past best kept there?

Here are some reactions I have received & my thoughts to them

My current boyfriend of 6 months keeps asking me about past relationships. I almost feel he is comparing ex boyfriends to himself?

GT: It’s natural at some point after the honeymoon period in any relationship partners will ask about former relationships you’ve had. I think you should talk about these things, explaining that previous conquests have not always been great & you’ve learnt from your experiences. That paves a better way ahead for what you have now – Of course not all the past has been bad, but I’d steer clear of painting that picture until much later in the current relationship, until you’re at the point when you’re both 100% comfortable with each other.

I have a few skeletons in the cupboard about my past; I was a little bit of a player with the ladies. I have now met the woman of my dreams & hope that she does not find out about my past.

GT: OK we all have a past – Sounds like yours was very colourful! Be honest about your past – tell her about how you were and how know you see now that it was wrong – Better to come from you then the gossips around you.

Graham I’m getting married in a few weeks time & my wife to be wants to hear about all my past girlfriends. Should I tell her everything?

GT: Marriage is about honesty & commitment – Start as you mean to go on – Strange you have not spoken to her about this before now.

So, In Summary…

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We all have a past – some things we are proud of & some things we are not, plus we all make mistakes – Part of making mistakes is to prepare ourselves for the right one – If you have found the right one, I think you need to be honest your them about former partners – Maybe play down the happier times, but certainly don’t lie about anything.

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