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Is a summer relationship fading?

September 20, 2015adminBlog Articles0

Is a summer relationship fading?
Is the sun setting on your holiday romance or is it just getting started…

  • Did the sunshine & a holiday ignite a new passion?
  • Is it time to move on & start a new life at Uni?
  • Has the summer meant you’ve found the love of your life?

Here are some reactions I have received & my thoughts to them

I went on a girly holiday to Greece following a long term relationship – I was not a slag but I did sleep with 3 lads (safe sex) was that wrong of me?

GT: People will always judge you on something like this – I’m hoping you did not give too much info away to anyone else – Coming out of a long term relationship for whatever reason is hard – A summer of fun was may be just what you needed to kick start you again – Others will always have comments to make but it’s you that needs to feel comfortable with what you allowed yourself to get into.

I have been in a relationship with a girl for over 6 months – it’s been fun but now I’m off to uni – should I dump her?

GT: Sounds to me that she’s not the real one you’ve set you hopes on for the future – Only you truly know how you feel about this girl. Uni & living away from home will present you a whole new set of choices – May be you should think long & hard if she is the one. Make her no promises about the future.

Graham I found the man of my dreams in Spain this summer. We are now back in the UK & at opposite ends, we have met up twice & it seems to be going quite well.

GT: Good for you – If you’ve met up again here in the UK & all is still going well then there is a chance it can be something long lasting – Distance can be an issue but only if you allow it to be. I had a holiday romance… 22 years later we are married.

So, In Summary…

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Summer is a great time of the year to make us feel good about ourselves – Holidays will give us a chance to relax & hook up with new people – As we go into autumn don’t let that fade away.

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