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Once a cheater, always a cheater?

August 2, 2015adminBlog Articles0

Once a cheater, always a cheater?
How do you cope once you find out your partner has not been true…

  • Can you forgive & forget?
  • Have you been caught out?
  • Has a cheating partner devastated your life?

Here are some reactions I have received & my thoughts to them

I was having an affair with a work colleague & wrongly thought my wife would never find out. When she did she kicked me out.

GT: How naive are you? To firstly have an affair, then to think you would never be found out. Believe me, at some point, all affairs get exposed – because someone either gets jealous or someone gets hold of information and can’t wait to tell it to another person… Before you know it, everyone knows. To get kicked out means you really hurt your partner and there is no further trust in you.

Yes cheating has devastated my life – My long term boyfriend was stringing along for ages & all the time was being a player behind my back – I can no longer trust men.

GT: It’s so hurtful when you put trust in someone only to find they are doing the dirty on you. So if you are cheating on your partner think about how your partner will feel when they find out – Because they will. As for not putting trust in men – well give it time – Please don’t ruin a potential happy future just because of one love rat.

Graham my husband had a fling with another woman – I know now it was because we were not communicating in our relationship. It’s been tough but we are now back on track & you can forgive & forget

GT: That’s a very adult way of looking at things – Communication in a relationship is VITAL if not this is what can happen.

So, In Summary…

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First & foremost I hate a cheat – But if it does happen ask yourselves why it happened – If it’s due to lack of communication then you can put that right and move on – If it’s simply because your partner wants extra fun outside of your relationship then drop them today and find happiness with someone who deserves you.

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