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Is it ever right to sleep with an ex?

October 28, 2013adminBlog Articles0


  • Did it live up to expectations?
  • Was it the wrong thing to do?
  • Does it re kindle old emotions?

Here are some reactions I have received & my thoughts to them

Graham, Yes I have slept with an ex just to prove it was over. He dumped me but I kept having thoughts about why he did it as he never gave me a reason why at the time. The situation came up & I went for it, and yes it was over.

GT: To be dumped and not knowing the full reason why is tough to get closure on, so in this case it was maybe not a bad idea to go back to see why – it can’t help but wonder if you really got to the bottom of the reason for him dumping you or was it that you just wanted to prove that he still fancied you?

GT, I finished it with a partner a few months ago & she keeps pleading with me for one more chance. She regularly invites me over for a cosy night in and I know where she wants it to lead to. I do not want to hurt her.

GT: Good man, lots (but not all) would lead with what is between their legs & not bother about the emotional side of things. Both have to be clear why you are jumping into bed with each other, if for one it’s simply sex then DON’T do it as it will hurt in the long run.

My ex husband often comes over for sex, I know we will never be back together again but it keeps that bond between us.

GT: NOOOOOO what are you doing, he is obviously using you for sex & when he has got what he wants he clears off again. The marriage ended for a reason & you are trying to keep it alive by offering your bed to him – You are worth more than that so stop it. Plus if there are children involved it is sending out the wrong signals to them, are mum & dad together or not?

So, In Summary…

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Most people that sleep with an ex is just to prove they can, but please do not do it to try & convince an ex what they are missing. Most will take the sex & leave. If you want to try to get back with them talk the past issues through 1st before it gets anywhere near the bedroom

Good luck

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