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Would you let your teenage son or daughter sleep with their partner under your roof?

September 16, 2013adminBlog Articles2

Would you let your teenage son or daughter sleep with their partner under your roof?
It’s a question that most parents will have to face at some point…

  • Has it happened already – How did you deal with it?
  • No Way?
  • Would you rather it was under your roof rather than somewhere else?

Here are some reactions I have received & my thoughts to them

Graham, my son is 17 & his girlfriend is 15 & them sleeping together is something I worry about – He is a sensible lad but I still worry?

GT: My advice here is to make sure you have talked to him about sex – don’t leave it to others to do it. If he is a sensible lad then he will gladly welcome your chats. Parents need to have open & honest conversations with their kids about sex & contraception.

Graham, I’m very open with my teenage son’s & daughters & welcome all of their friends into my home – but bedrooms are out of bounds.

GT: Well it’s your home so you set the rules – you are right to welcome your kid’s friends into your home but they do need to know the limits to your expectations.

Graham – I’m in my 50’s & divorced from my husband – I do have the odd flings but could never do anything under my roof as my kids may be listening in – that would horrify me.

GT: Once again it’s your home so your rules – but don’t deny your own pleasures – if you kids are old enough then talk to them about how you feel about it & be more open with them – you don’t have to go into the intimate details just enough to let them know how you feel about the situation.

So, In Summary…

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Parents need to be more open with their teenage son’s & daughters – talking through everyone’s feelings & the house rules let everyone know the expectations of those that live there. Some would say ‘better under my roof than somewhere else’, well then that should be part of the conversation.

Good luck

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  1. colinSeptember 16, 2013 at 12:55 pmReply

    Surely they should both be over 16 before any parent should them to even sleep in the same room. I wasnt allowed to I was way over 16. Then they was away on holiday. A parent still has to obey the law and parent has the duty to protect any children under their roof.

    • Graham TorringtonSeptember 18, 2013 at 9:12 pmReply

      Hi Colin. Maybe I should have made it a little more clear in my advice – it goes without saying as a Parent, that when talking to minors about any aspect of sex the laws come into part of that conversation – It would be an irresponsible parent that would condone under age sex – Graham

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