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How Lonely Are You?

July 16, 2013adminBlog Articles2

How Lonely Are You?

We live in a world with millions of other people, but yet for some it can be a very lonely existence.

  • Are you lonely?
  • Has losing a partner made you lonely?
  • Do we become lonelier the older we become?

Here are some reactions I have received & my thoughts to them

Graham, I have recently lost my long term partner & know feel lost without them. I find the long nights the most awful to deal with.

GT: This something that is so hard to deal with, losing a partner that has been by your side for a long time is like part of you has been taken away. You can still have fun filled days with so many people around, but when night time comes along that’s when you feel it most of all. My suggestion is to try & be a little more outgoing, invite friends over for the evening & take part in the pursuits that you love. None of this will replace your partner but it will help with the loneliness.

I work with a brilliant bunch of girls that all seem to have very active lives, I love being around them. At the weekend when I’m not at work I live a very solitary existence, I hate the weekends & can’t wait to get back to work on Monday morning for some company.

GT: Sounds to me like your only source of friendship is with your work colleagues, this is dangerous as you are restricting yourself to only mixing with them. You need to find other ways to meet people at the weekends, what hobbies do you have? If none then you must change that now. Maybe once in a while invite a couple of work mates over at the weekend. But my firm advice is to find mates outside of work.

Graham, I have never been a good mixer with people & find it hard to make friends, what can I do?/blockquote>
GT: Everyone has something they like to do, what do you like to do in your spare time? Discover others with a common interest & that’s the catalyst to meeting new like minded people. Ever tried a dating site?

So, In Summary…

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Being lonely is an awful emotion, for whatever reason it’s something only you can change. Losing a loved one that was your rock is a difficult one to cope with too. Try & get together with like minded people that you find interesting & that you want to spend time with, & try to avoid only mixing with work people.

Good luck

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Graham x

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  1. PhilipJuly 16, 2013 at 11:54 amReply

    Graham, as we become older and friends move on, It does make life lonely. It doesn’t help at the moment that I am back looking for work; which is not easy to be honest. I live by myself in a flat and there is not much chance to meet people – as everyone ‘keeps themselves hidden away’ or they have lived there for years and considers me an outsider.
    I hardly go out as I have to watch the pennies so meeting people is not easy at the moment.
    Yes there are times when loneliness sets in, but as long as I occupy myself with something I am okay. I try not to comfort eat either as that doesn’t help at all.
    I just have to get myself sorted out workwise and then I can move on with the rest of my life

  2. Graham TorringtonJuly 16, 2013 at 8:20 pmReply

    Hi Philip. Perfect way to look at eat. Keep fit by going for a run it dies not cost anything to do that. Positive people attract positive people. Good luck in search of work & happiness . Graham Torrington

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