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Is Dementia Affecting Your Family?

June 24, 2013adminBlog Articles0

Is Dementia Affecting Your Family?

Staggering facts in the news recently, as the population lives longer so do the risks of more of us suffering with dementia.

  • Do you fear that you will one day face dementia?
  • What’s it like to see a close relative turn into someone that you don’t recognise?
  • Are we doing enough to help dementia sufferers?

Here are some reactions I have received & my thoughts to them

Graham, I’m a man now in my 80’s & sadly can’t cope with being my wife’s carer any longer, she has dementia & realise that she will need to go into a home very soon. I feel that I have let her down.

GT: My mother has suffered with dementia for around 5 years now & like you my dad was her carer until last summer – he then told the family that he could not cope any longer & needed to get fulltime care for my mum – She went into residential care at Christmas. At 1st it was tough on all the family as we all felt we had let her down, the guilt was tremendous. 6 months on my mum is now settled into her new home & dad is feeling better about things – He has his life back. So yes it’s tough to face but a necessary action you need to take if you can no longer cope.

I’m a woman in my 50’s & seen both my mother & my grandmother suffer with dementia, it’s been awful to watch them change in front of my eyes. I’m so scared that the same is going to happen to me.

GT: There is no reason at all why you should develop dementia either now or later in life just because other members of your family have – But keep a check on it – early diagnosis helps so much.

Graham – Why do we let our elderly suffer like this in the UK, its criminal?

GT: Thankfully our current Government have realised this is a major issue & have said they are putting more money & resources into this condition.

So, In Summary…

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Seeing my own mother suffer with dementia I know only too well how distressing it is for them & the rest of the family. As yet there is no cure – but the condition can be slowed down by drugs. Please visit a doctor at the 1st signs of it – believe me it will help.

Good luck

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